Being Held to a Promise

I was on the phone-one of those desperate phone calls for help.  I had just shared how reading some blogs from my other mom friends, who were also going through difficult circumstances, had helped me to re-focus on my task at hand. Then it came “Mary, I am holding you to setting up your own blog-I want to read about how you are seeing life in the midst of all of these things going on.”  And with that, I made a promise that I would start to blog-if not for my own sanity, then maybe there are others out there who just need to feel that they are not alone.  Maybe… just maybe others would feel encouraged to keep going too.

I am a mother of 4 and have been married for 18 years.  I have 3 boys-ages 17, 12, and 11.  I also have one daughter, age 13 (few weeks away from 14-oh forbid I should leave that out:), and yes we are a very busy household.  In fact, this busyness has taken on a whole new level.

What did the person on the other end of the phone mean by ” life in the midst of all of these things going on”?  My youngest son was now being given a diagnosis of PDD-NOS. He is on the Austim Spectrum, and not only that he has joined this “elite” group, he has joined it alongside his two brothers.  And if you know anything about co-morbidity, then you know none of these diagnosis come by themselves, there are often more then one…just like his brothers.  And I was the one picking up the phone to call for help.   So begins a new journey…And Arie- a promise is a promise :).  I will post the simple treasures I find in these intense times.



One thought on “Being Held to a Promise

  1. thelilleyfam says:

    To God be the glory, Mary!! He will get you through every moment even during the times when we just don’t feel his presence!

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