Surrounded !

Train wreck.  That’s what I think when I list out the circumstances we are walking through right now.  I even hate to admit all that is happening because it does look like an absolute train wreck.  Yet, deep down inside, I know it isn’t really a wreck-it just looks that way.  As the weeks are passing, it has seemed like life is unraveling all over the place.  There has not been one stone left untouched.  I’ve even hit that point of laughing over it because the reality of the severity of circumstances just doesn’t seem that dire despite the huge upheavals (notice that is not singular but plural).  Why?

Can someone tell me where I was promised a perfect life? An easy life?  Life is just one big bowl of cherries (or chocolate, margaritas, oh wait-I’m on a rabbit trail), right?  Where did this ideal of an easy life come from?  Where is the proof that it was ever promised?

It wasn’t promised.  There is no contract that we signed when our life began.  Heck, who really got to sign on for stuff  that happens in our life anyway?  No one.  I guess that is why I can laugh at it-train wreck and all.  I have been surrounded by birds, songs, poems, verses, books, movies, social media, and a trusted circle of people that have all pointed me back to the fact-this apparent train wreck isn’t permanent.  The only thing permanent in this life is death. This train wreck has a purpose-not to kill me or make me lose my mind (I think I lost that awhile ago:)), but to stretch me beyond what I think I can handle, teach me, humble me, and allow me an opportunity to see life a little differently.

Again and again, I have watched circumstances unfold in such ways that I can not explain how it all happened.  Most of the time I can’t fully comprehend what is happening.   I can only say that in and through each circumstance, there has been hope amidst the ashes.  Time and time again, just as I think I’m going to crack, there comes something so small, so simple, so easy to overlook, yet the impact is immeasurably huge-and I am forever thankful.  It is the little things like a smile, hug, laugh, text, phone call, M&Ms,children’s laughter, yappy teenage daughter, and those who just happen to show up at just the right time with just the help I was praying for. And I feel as if God has surrounded me with His Hug.  My simple treasures…….. 🙂


One thought on “Surrounded !

  1. Donna says:

    I love you for always seeing God in all things…Great post

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