Comic Relief- All In A Day

I woke up at 6:30 this morning to get the kids ready for our first Lacrosse Jamboree.  I picked an early morning rising so I could slowly drink my required coffee allotment of the day and maybe watch the morning news. We were on the field by 8:30 in the cold rain, drizzle, and breeze.  Fours hours later, fun was had by all and yes I bought T-shirts 🙂  Meanwhile, Larry had been at home prepping Matt for a fishing trip with his friends to our local park and driving the boys over.  Matt’s bike had a flat tire 😦 Yes, for the first time we allowed Matt to go fishing with his friends-all armed with cell phones, tons of fishing gear, and lots of snackage.

Larry drove to the park a few times to check on the boys.  We called to check on them too.  I arrived home with the other kids, soaking wet, cold, and muddy.  The kids and I changed, I posted pics to FB, and started washing Patrick’s uniform for tonight’s scrimmage at a local college during the half-time. Thomas & I caught up on his lastest news.  Larry & Em left to grill food for the remaining afternoon’s jamboree. I began organizing spring/summer clothes and packing/labeling winter clothes.  Things were going smoothly…….

Larry&Emily came home.  Then the door flies open and in runs Matt.  Apparently the snackage must had contained lots of sugar because Matt was off the hook.  Following Matt  was the neighbors who had gone to pick the boys up.  Matt was soaked from head to toe with not only wetness but some sand too-I’d expect nothing less.  Then I notice he only has on one shoe.  Then the neighbor chimes in and says “Larry & I are going back to the park to look for Matt’s glasses.”  That doesn’t shock me either.  This is his spare pair because…..he lost his glasses twice already.

Don’t forget we have another game tonight too.  I continue my laundry tasks.  Matt gets showered and changed.  He begins to tell me of the adventure.  First, they caught a baby catfish in the minnow trap.  They found a beachy part and just had to try to fish from there.  Matt tripped and fell into the sand.  He didn’t realize his glasses had even fallen off of his face.  Then he was excitedly telling me about a “water moccasin“-  he was sure that was what it was-one of the boys had hooked with a three inch minnow.  I love to hear Matt tell of his adventures 🙂

Larry and the glasses search party return-without glasses.  They also show me Matt’s shorts-Larry took him some pants, at one point, to help keep him warm.  The shorts have a hook somehow tangled in them.  They can’t find his other shoe.  No that doesn’t surprise me either. I’m already laughing at the sight of this dear boy and his excitement over his adventurous day-oh yeah he woke up at 7 so he’d have 3 hours to get ready to fish 5 minutes from our house.  I think he must of snuck some coffee too 😉

I realize I can’t remember where the lacrosse tickets are for tonight’s game-but I’ve got to get Matt some new glasses.  I call four places and score an appointment tomorrow morning- eye exam and new glasses-if are in stock-will be ready same day.  Now to look for the tickets.  Now to tear the house apart and get side tracked with organizing the papers that have been piling up on the kitchen island.  Now to remember to switch clothes to dryer.  Take dry clothes out to fold them.  Look up ticket prices and check for availability.  Now to look at the clock….AHHHHHH!!!!

Somehow I’d lost track of time-I have no idea how that happened.  Larry was going to take Patrick & Em to the game tonight.  They have fifteen minutes  to be at the stadium-it usually takes at least 20 minutes to get there.  Yeah, I call coach to tell him I’m a ditz, they are on their way, and will have to buy tickets when they get there, so they will be a little late.  Coach says “No problem, matter of a fact I think I have 2 possibly 3 tickets left over.  Tell them to meet me and by the way you don’t have to be there for another 45 minutes.  I think you got your times mixed up.”  Really??? You don’t say.  How could I have done that 🙂

And so that is my story.  My simple treasure is precious memories being made today!! In the midst of all the craziness (which is normal for us:) all I can think of are the stories we will be telling about today in years to come.  Now to go make dinner-yeah I forgot to put the roast in the oven.  We’ll be eating a little late 🙂


Settling Dust

Dust….seems to be the theme.  For this week though it is settling dust.  And man does it feel nice.  The past two weeks have been full of everyone falling apart.  From teenage daughter drama, to anxiety attacked middle child, more calls about oldest child, trying to figure out the right direction for the youngest, stomach virus, strep throat, and praying a job for my husband. What a turbulent storm of calamity.  I actually ended up crawling in my car while at work one day just to cry it out-there was no longer any way to hold back the tears.  Something had to give.

As with any storm, the clouds do pass.  The sun does shine again.  Today we get our youngest discharged 🙂  Our middle one has calmed down and has been giving this mommy surprise hugs-just his way of saying thanks and I love you.  The oldest one has been so excited to be at home on the weekends again.  And our one and only daughter is talking more with us, excitedly starting the lacrosse season, and staying up late just to have mom&dad to herself.   We’ve had a few nights of the kids climbing on our bed to talk and hang out with us.  We’ve played games with each other.  We’re beginning the sports schedule juggle.  We’ve shared laughter and tears.

Our living room has a poem stenciled on the wall:

In this house…

We do second chances.

We do grace.

We do real mistakes.

We do I’m sorry’s.

We do loud really well.

We do hugs.

We do family.

We do LOVE.

As hard as these times have been, I wouldn’t trade them or any of my kids, (my husband-maybe) no seriously not him either, for anything in the world.  We are family-we just do things a little different around here.  And it is from these times that I have learned what it means to be steadfast in love and commitment, to hold on and hang in there even when all you see around you is a huge disaster, the amazing way to find joy in the smallest of details, how blessed you are to be surrounded and encouraged to keep going.  I have loved the stars at night as I ponder their creation, the thrill of seeing a falling star the other night, the elation of hearing laughter in the house….I can’t even put into words all of the positive that has come from these challenging times.  I can say the positive does outweigh the negative.  Hey, my husband signed a job offer yesterday and starts a new job on the 19th!  So the dust is finally settling.  I love that even when all looked desolate there was still hope for a better day….. And all of this, I simply treasure! 🙂