A Quick glimpse at Coffee Origins :)

I remember when I first started drinking coffee.  It was after I was the mother of two.  I had been on my own, with two kids, while Larry was stationed at Fort Gordon for a few months. I found it hard to keep up with a pre-school schedule, working full time (I was blessed to work for my parents and take my kids to work with me), and running a household on my own.  Somehow I developed the taste of coffee and that was it.

I can also remember the days of having four kids (umm yeah after #3 child I no longer worked outside of the home) and crawling to the coffee maker just to keep up with them.  I remember having a kindergartner, a 3 year old, a 16 month old, and a newborn.  Somehow I can’t remember how on earth I ever did it.  We lived in a townhouse with 13 steps up to just the front door.  I used to carry the babycarrier and tons of plastic grocery bags up those steps- all in one trip (with my kids you’d never leave them alone for long enough to make a few trips to get all of your groceries in). Never mind how I went through the commissary with four little kids-it was like having an octopus in the grocery cart. Trust me-everyone knew the Bunches were at the store 🙂  I always thought it would get easier as they got older.

Now a days I guzzle a pot of coffee and practically lick the grinds:) as I try to keep up with pre-teens and teens.  I cringe when I see the school number on the caller ID wondering what has happened this time. My hair is falling out along with my eyebrows (never knew that could happen-thank God for a brow pencil). I had to re-organize my day planner twice this year (and it’s just now May).  I’ve learned how to get the kids off to school, get ready for work, drive across three counties for an hour long appointment&back to work before lunchtime. I’ve been given mutliple times to perfect this skill. I’ve learned GPS is like my BFF as I have a tight schedule to keep, a to do list a mile long, and some kind of urgent matter that will require me to drive somewhere inconvenient, not close to home, and during rush hour. I have learned to shift on the fly. My simple treasures are coffee, a day planner, and GPS 🙂


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