Looking Back Part 1

I’ve spent some time looking back-thankful to my husband who made a video collage of my life for my 40th birthday. In these turbulent times of raising pre-teens and teens, I am constantly evaluating my abilities of being a wife and mother.  Lately, I have found myself lacking. I have been sanctified by having my sponge squeezed so hard that I thought I was having a heart attack last week. In my personal evaluation of myself I felt as if I had fallen flat on my face in the areas of raising a family.

What I need is a fresh perspective. Like I mentioned my husband made a video collage for me-in it were the pictures of my precious babies. I look back& remember the times of having a pre-schooler and a cute little girl that gave me a run for my money. I remember my stint as a single mother while Larry was stationed at Ft.Gordon for a few months.  I was so enamored with my two little ones-then almost 4 and 9mos. that I wasn’t the least bit disappointed to find myself pregnant again shortly after Larry’s return home.  My oldest was the sweetest most compliant little guy-led me to believe future babies would be the same. My daughter came&quickly set the record straight but before I could figure out what was going on, I had two more little boys all within a very short time (while on birth control none the less- what is meant to be will be).

Some of my favorite stories were Emily living out Harold and the Purple Crayon on her bedroom walls during naptime-she was a stealthy one who would hide little things in her pockets.  Then there was the Desitin incident-having learned to give her a pat down before nap time, she learned how to climb out the crib. Since her pockets were empty Desitin became her new tool the color her bedroom walls with.

Now who paid attention to this-the younger brothers.  But what they managed to smear on their walls was much much worse. I had learned my lesson from their sister. .  I had every drawer safety latched and every thing they could possibly smear hidden.  BUT they made their own stuff to smear-I’ll leave it up to you to imagine. That is when I learned to disinfect and clean (with all organic cleaners mind you- an entire bedroom) all while making grilled cheese and reading to the older two.  My first born never dreamed of doing any of these things his younger siblings were doing.  The worst he ever did was have a reaction to a decongestant that made him delirious and wired.  I woke up to bananas squished all of the house one morning because he couldn’t peel a banana…ahh the memories 🙂


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