Looking Back Part 2

I have forgotten how much life I lived since getting married some 18+ years ago. Adventurous to say the least.  Friends have said I should write a book.  Sorry, you’re stuck with this blog for now. Blogging is my way of holding on to my sanity-what’s left of it anyway 😉

Let’s see-some more stories. I remember when it was just one baby. My bouncing baby boy named after a  family member. I remember his first pair of shoes-Grandma started buying them at Stride Rite to carry on the tradition of how my grandmother took me shoe shopping at Stride Rite 🙂  His were white little walking shoes.  Of course we added the shoe string bell too 🙂 We lived in a gorgeous apartment complex with a wooden bridge in the common area that our porch overlooked.  We loved to take Thomas for walks. He was just about one.  He would get to the wooden bridge, go half-way across, and stop to stomp dance.  He loved the sound of the bells on his feet and how the wood sounded when you stomped on it.  Larry & I would laugh until we cried at this precious sight. Loved learning simple joys&treasures from my baby:)

Another family favorite is known as” The End of the Easy Bake Oven”.   Another Bunckin had a knack to stealthiness too.  This one, in particular, was gifted with ninja like abilities to drop off the radar.  This child was very quiet & moved at the speed of light. I think this one took notes from his sister.  And this one’s preferred mode was being a minimalist-no clothes or diaper at all-forget pockets.

One day I was nursing the youngest. The other three were playing together. Before I knew it, there were only two kids playing. I lost one. I thought I had heard a small sound in the large country kitchen. I figured the missing one was playing with the little tykes kitchen set. I listen and sure enough the sound matched kitchen set.  Until I heard something spill and roll across the floor. I quickly went to investigate.

We had a huge pantry that was gated off.  I forgot to mention this missing child also had monkey climbing abilities too.  I sprinted to the kitchen to find little colored sprinkles across the floor. As I traced the source, I found the missing child had climbed up the gate in their usual minimalist attire.  Before I could grab the minimalist off of the gate, I felt a warm splash on my feet.  A perfectly aimed stream went right into the easy bake oven and all over the sprinkles.  Talk about sprinkle when you tinkle 😉 That was the end of the Easy Bake Oven.

Like I’ve said before….all in day with the Bunches 🙂


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