One faithful night

I am shifting on the fly again.  Just got home from the final appointment in Columbia to go over results.  I’ll come back to that another time.  It does tie into why I’ve had to learn to drive across three counties and back by lunch time.  But that is not what I want to “write” about.  If I have made any sense at all, hopefully it will convey, my blogging is about how I am blessed to experience some simple things in life in the midst of not so simple times.  Today is one of those days.

One fateful night back in September, a friend of mine & I were driving down to see some other friends and hang out.  I didn’t realize until my drive back from Columbia this afternoon, that this one night would set into motion a life transformation.  Maybe I am blowing it out of proportion-or maybe not.

Back in September this car ride to and from was filled with lots of time to talk and catch up.  During the conversation, my friend was telling me of a book they had read during summer break.  It fit into the conversation we were having about work and my kids.  So I listened to what this book was about and the interesting things my friend had learned from their reading. The book interested me too and would help with “professional development”. So I borrowed the book.

I read to book a little bit at a time.  It was very informative, yet it broke my heart at times, because this book had input from parent’s personal experiences with their child and also the child’s view on the issue.  I have a very soft heart when it comes to these things.  In fact, it took me awhile to get through the book because I had a hard time trying to keep a clinical viewpoint on what I was reading. Usually, I love to devour books when I get the chance.  But this one was a little different for some reason.

Months past and I found myself pulling out the book again after one of the kids had been hospitalized.  I found some parts fit what I was trying to learn-devoured the whole medicinal chapter.  Then the treatment chapter.  Then I ordered the newest edition of the book. Finished reading it.  Excitedly, I lent the new book back to my friend and in turn, they didn’t have time to read it and gave it back.  The book went back on the bookshelf.

So….how does this all fit in?  The test results from today matched the title of the book.  Who would have known one fateful night, a car ride, conversation, and a book would transform a life?? How’s that for a simple treasure!?!


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