Is This For Real? July 2012

Found this draft of a post from back in July.  Somehow it  never was published.  Better late than never…..

Pinch me. No-never mind don’t do that. This is real. I really am sitting here, finally having the time to think. A time to relax and ponder the events over the past few weeks. A time where there isn’t a crisis of some sort that needs not only my immediate attention, but requires every bit of me to keep going. How sweet is this time!!

If you have been following my blog, then you know I am a mother of 3 special needs sons {youngest11 1/2, & a few weeks away from one turning13 and the oldest turning18, and a husband turning…:)all three birthdays within 4 days-eh gads!}&one precious daughter about to start high school. My life is anything but ordinary!!

We’ve had another hospitalization yet I have been fortunate to learn from previous experiences how to better navigate through it all.  We finally made it to John’s Hopkins!! I’ve learned to drive through the city and back all by myself. I’ve learned to keep excellent records, I’ve learned to keep composure, and how to advocate on many fronts for my children and our family.

The sweet treasure-learning. Being a life long learner. Learning to never give up!  And the sweetest of all is having people in my life who have taken the time to teach me


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